Data Science Workshop 2018

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The workshop began with a few tutorials. Our thanks goes out to Jeffrey Camp, Sam Dixon, Liang Chen and Charles Frye for leading them! You can find most of the content of the tutorials in our github repo.


The projects below were completed over the course of the 2018 Data Science Workshop from July 21-August 12, 2018.

Mentor: Joel Barajas
Participants: Alireza Faghaninia, Zexuan Xu, Winnie Lee, Darius Parvin
Mentor: Alex Ackroyd
Participants: Julia Veit, Katarina Slama, Austin Peck
Mentor: Hyesoo Yoon
Participants: Kyle Bilton, Shudan Zhong, Javier Caravaca, Sudha Subramanian
Mentor: Kate Niehaus
Participants: Maria Eckstein, Linda Rieswijk, Paul Connor
Mentor: Isaac Shivvers
Participants: Nicolas Ferland, Filip Kos, Karina Cucchi
Mentor: Mike Osorio
Participants: Robert Martin-Short, Kathryn Meehan, Lokman Tsui, Chiu-Yun Lin
Mentor: Chandra Natarajan
Participants: Jonathan Jui, Ellie Kitanidis, Samantha Ren
Mentor: Michael Myers
Participants: Max Murphy
Mentor: Frank Cleary
Participants: Amy Ko, Song Zhang, Shaun O'Grady
Mentor: Karla Caballero
Participants: Nick Burnett, Dibyendu Mandal, Simon Storey
Mentor: Chris Borg
Participants: Chris Bronner, Chih-Hao Hsu, Pra Bhattacharyya, Steve Drapcho