About the Organization

We are a graduate student organization at UC Berkeley geared towards providing graduate students and postdocs with resources to explore careers in data science.

About the team

Michael Fang


I study novel parameter estimation schemes and apply them to interesting models in physics and theoretical neuroscience. I got involved with the GDSO to connect with other graduate students who are also interested in using their skills and expertise to tackle problems outside of academia. To maintain my sanity, I enjoy traveling and photography.

Sam Dixon


I'm a PhD student in the Physics department, studying Type Ia supernovae as tools for measuring the expansion history of the Universe and investigating the nature of dark energy. My research makes use of many data science tools and techniques, but I try to expand my skill set with side projects and hackathon submissions too. I pull myself away from my computer to ride my bike and go to concerts around the Bay Area.

Sumayah Rahman


I am a PhD student that studies the bacteria of the human microbiome by applying machine learning and statistics to sequencing data. Outside of my PhD research, I utilize my data science skill set by doing industry internships and working on side projects. I am particularly excited about my one of my side projects, which uses biometrics and blockchain technology to securely provide emergency responders with a person's medical data. In my spare time, I enjoy playing tennis, cooking, traveling, and teaching beginners how to code.

Pra Bhattacharyya


I am a graduate student working on quantum simulation and quantum sensing using Nitrogen Vacancy centers. Currently, my research is a little removed from the conventional spheres of data science but I am broadly interested in the application of data science in the context of medicine among other things. My interest in data science stems from its potential for greater impact in developing countries. Apart from research, I try to make time for reading, soccer, cooking and hanging out with friends!

Former team members

James Arnemann


Katrina Kalantar

UC Berkeley/UCSF Bioengineering

Michael Lomnitz

Insight AI Fellow

Hyesoo Youn

Insight Health Data Science Fellow

Alireza Faghaninia

Credit Karma